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Game: Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 (website)
Publisher: CI Games
Developer: CI Games
PlayStation Store: Sniper Ghost Warrior 3

I have discovered Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 this week, as a recommendation of a Dutch friend, Rob, SGW 3 being also a tactical shooter video game – my favorite games genre, but with low pace gameplay. And it’s not necessarily complicated to understand why. ๐Ÿ™‚ The game is on sale these days, with a nice 78% discount for the Season Pass Edition, meaning that it is like only 9-10 euros, from 43-45 euros, depending on the store/region.

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Season Pass Edition:
โ€ข Full game Sniper Ghost Warrior 3
โ€ข Season Pass

The Season Pass gives you access to:
โ€ข Two major single-player expansions
โ€ข The Escape of Lydia
โ€ข The Sabotage
โ€ข Two multiplayer maps
โ€ข All terrain vehicle
โ€ข Sniper Rifle McMillan TAC-338A
โ€ข Compound Bow

The game had me from the menus, with a nice Russian soundtrack. I have found out that I am a U.S. Marine Captain, my name is Jonathan “Jon” North, and I was sent along with my brother Robert to the Russian-Ukrainian border to destroy an abandoned stockpile of Soviet-era bio-weapons before they’re stolen by terrorists. Somehow we succeeded but there was an ambush led by a man named Vasilisk who played a game of Russian roulette (2 bullets and 2 fires) with me – I survived, he left me unconscious and left the perimeter with Robert as a prisoner.

Two years later, I am being sent to Georgia to help destabilize the local Georgian Separatist cells, and I accepted the assignment to locate also my brother Robert. I am assisted by my Frank Simms, a Georgian ex-special forces sniper named Lydia with whom I was formerly in a romantic relationship, and Israeli Mossad agent Raquel, who is in the region looking to capture and recruit a Russian scientist named Sergei Flostov. And this, my friends, is, in big, the story of SGW 3. Starting from here, there are missions and things to accomplish.

Here is one mission I had, called Two Birds, this being also the first mission of the game’s Act 1, the very mission you will have after you will finish the Prologue.

The game graphics are decent to good, and I think you will be satisfied with this. There is also a loot component of the game, needed if you want money and guns. Do that on the guys you killed and pay attention around because you might find a lot of things. Eg. I have found a wallet on the ground in front of a tall building with more than $200 in it. Cool. ๐Ÿ˜›

You can play with randoms also in a sort of multiplayer mode, and in private matches with your friends. Take also into consideration that you cannot go co-op, or in a multiplayer game with a friend. It sucks, but they thought that friends want only to kill each other, not going for others. ๐Ÿ™‚

Here are some photos from the menus and the first 3 missions end-screens to compare with yours, in case that you’ll buy the game.

What do you think about Sniper Ghost Warrior 3? Did you play it? Are you gonna buy it? Donโ€™t be a stranger, join the comment section and letโ€™s make this blog a better one! ๐Ÿ™‚

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