The hardware and software marriage is one thing I love the most about PlayStation 4

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I am playing games before I was even able to read or write, my family being pretty close to technology, reading anything that was available about more than 30 years ago. Because of that, I got in touch with a spectrum computer at the age of 4, and since then I am surrounded by displays, and 90% of the things I have in my house have at least one processor. ๐Ÿ™‚

I played on PC for a decade and, over the years, I spend thousands of euros on better and better configurations, all made by me. I discovered PS3 because of NFS Hot Pursuit and a group of friends, and we had fun for about 2 years. When 4K got into my attention, I switched on PlayStation 4 Pro and, man, from that moment I decided that I am not going to go back ever again on PC / Microsoft. I even bought myself a keyboard and mouse, designed for PlayStation 4, to be able to play shooters.

Anyways. Yesterday, my 4TB Seagate Expansion HDD that I use as an external drive to keep all my games on PlayStation 4 crushed. I was trying to open Chess Ultra and see if I got some games on my turn, and I got an error. Two PS4 restarts and a trip to the nearest tech service later, I got a bad news: I was keeping a dead 4TB Seagate in my hands with all my games on it (not the saved progress files, those are in the cloud thanks to the PS Plus membership).

24h later, I got most of my games back on a new and serious good looking Western Digital Elements, 3TB fat, with an USB 3.0 connection, that came on my door few hours ago, at noon. The guys from the tech service advised me not to choose a small and portable HDD anymore, being less durable in time than the normal, strong and bigger ones. In other normal english words, they were talking about those HDD who need a separate power cable to spin them, and the USB connection will be used only for data transfer.

A SSD is out of the questions, selling a kidney is not on my bucket list. ๐Ÿ™‚

So, why do I need to invest in all that hardware that needs upgraded every 6 months on PC, when I got a strong one that can output 4K? And all that can go wrong is to crush. The unit, or an external HDD like in my case, wich is half-price of a decent PC video card. And, thanks to the clouds, I will be able to recover all my data in the same day. ๐Ÿ™‚

Mark my words. This days, to have access to all the major games you only need a console (400 euros) and a good internet connection, and all the rest of the money will go only on content / DLC – games and apps. The PSN environment is so offering at so many levels, even in times of trouble like mine, that is impossible not to fell in love on it at a certain point.

Btw, you can buy almost any HDD on the market and use it as an external drive for your PlayStation 4. When you connect it to the PlayStation it needs to be formated, and this will take a couple of seconds. After that, you will only need to be carefull on your plastic. Some extra TB are not easy to fill. ๐Ÿ˜€

photo by Patrick Lindenberg on Unsplash

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