Bus Simulator & Truck Driver on PlayStation 4 starting this week!

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A few weeks ago I watched a funny live stream on Youtube. A group of friends was playing some truck simulator on PC, but just imagine a couple of hundreds of trucks, all players, in a convoy moving between two destinations in Europe (I can’t remember exactly).

Huge, but you could say it’s boring. After all, the trip takes a few hours of driving. The idea is that I was unaware of the situations that may occur. For example, I almost died laughing when one of the live stream participants sent a warning on a very serious tone:

– Dear colleagues, be careful, we are overtaken by a lagged truck. Hold the line!

I think that is the worst thing that…

Anyway :), I didn’t find any truck simulators on PS4 at that time, but I found out that two simulators will be launched this week – one with buses! It should be a lot of fun, I think. Here are the PlayStation Store pre-order links: Bus Simulator | Truck Driver.

And some gameplay/trailers for a sneak peek.

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