? Why you should download and use the Ubisoft Club smartphne application

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A couple of hours ago, Ubisoft published on Ubisoft North America Youtube account a video that explains the advantages of using the Ubisoft Club app when playing Rainbow Six Siege, one of the top Ubisoft title. I am using this app quite often, it’s very helpful, easy to use, and it worths the time.

Basically, the video is about having all info of R6S in the same place, info regarding the challenges (classic or weekly), the rewards that you can buy with the coins that you will get after you complete them, tips from SAM – a gaming assistant -, and the social part, the possibility to benchmark with your Ubisoft friends.

But this is not necessarily all of it.

All Ubisoft games are there

The biggest advantage of the app is that you will have all the Ubisoft games there. You can use the Club’s coins cross-games, and you will receive a notification every time you start playing a Ubisoft game, an action that activates SAM who will brief you with your in-game progress, but also with tips and tricks about how to progress faster.

SAM is awesome. 🙂

It helps in getting some trophies

I can add that you can use the app also for tracking some trophies. Search for the game on PsnProfile, compare the trophies with the classic challenges and identify the ones that have similar descriptions. This is the only way to track them using the Ubisoft Club app.

Take also into consideration that some of the challenges might be part of a trophy. Ideally, the trophies could also be found in the Ubisoft Club application, and also a statistics tracking (for not using un-official apps), but this is another article to write.

⤵️ The Ubisoft Club app is available on iOS and Android.

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