Breakpoint: I thought I have bought a Ghost Recon series game, and all I got was a Division DLC

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Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint was my bday present. Hehe. I have played so much Wildlands, somehow I wanted to be one of the first players who will see and have fun in Breakpoint’s Pacific island open-world of Auroa (anyway, there were invites sent to PSN accounts who didn’t preorder the game, nor bought something from Ubisoft).

Funny thing, after 30 min of playing Breakpoint BETA on solo mode and 1h in co-op, I decided to go for a refund, the main reason being the mechanics of the character’s body movements. The way he moves around the objects and interacts with the environment. The way loot is marked on the ground. The way Breakpoint feels like Division.

And I don’t like that cover shooter genre mechanics. I have tried both Division 1 and 2 in the early stage for being a gaming genre promoters and having all that success. But only to understand the genre. I choose not to buy Division and play Wildlands for years exactly for that freedom offered.

I love the Breakpoint’s graphics, the new cinematic sequences (melees, heals, carrying bodies, etc), the open world, and the sound. Great job! But I cannot deal (at least yet) with that robotic one-side-at-the-time sprint, or the way the games steals your character to put it correctly in the cover.

See this video and tell me your opinion in the comments.

Imho, I have not played a Ghost Recon series game. I have played a Division DLC placed in Auroa. Unfortunately, Breakpoint is my first pre-order refund. I will be back on this game when PVP will be available, to see if Ghost War also changed. And I will reorient to a standard edition, or wait for the first discount – Black Friday is pretty close. 🙂

Big disappointment.

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