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… and I like the ones for the classes I am playing with.

A couple of days ago, Ubisoft announced Smoke’s Elite Uniform. Unlocks the Sanguine Arsenic uniform, victory animation, gadget skin for his Compound Z8 Grenades and weapon skin for the FMG-9, M590A1, P226 MK 25 and SMG-11 as well as the Elite Smoke Chibi charm. Everything you can imagine.

And it looks like this.

I don’t like the class, but it was a proper moment for me to look deep into the store and discover the classes from a fashion perspective also. 🙂 Kapkan’s eyes offered me a great gun to shoot at the beginning of the game, and after a week of multiplayer, I decided to use Fuse, Kapkan’s buddy, on all attack missions.

They are one hell of a team. And guess what. Both classes have great Elite Uniforms that can be found in a maximum of 3 clicks starting from the game’s menu. 🙂 Here are some screenshots of the Fuze & Kapkan’s Elite Uniforms that can be found on the Rainbow Six Siege Store.



Bonus: Vicente “Capitão” Souza

This class does not have any Elite Uniform in the store, but there are some nice costumes you might find in the menus. One of them is Gang Breaker Bundle that you can take it after 45k earned points (you might consider going for busters also – there is one waiting for you in Ubisoft Club – it’s free), or with around 10€. 🙂

Anyway, if you like the class, this is the best costume you can get in the game.

What class do you like and what uniforms do you prefer to use? Drop a comment below!

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