? I am going to finish it and get all its trophies

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These days I am playing FarCry 5, a game that I half-finished at launch with a friend on another account, but he quitted PlayStation, and I abandoned it. A couple of days ago, remembering the whole story and taking advantage of a small national holiday, I decided to start playing it from scratch on this account, and go for the ? We Always Had Faith In You trophy.

And it got me. This weekend I am arrested at home. Errr… In Montana. 🙂

Here is a history of FarCry that I have found on Youtube. If you are not familiar with FarCry, you will discover a great game with plenty of previous interesting versions. As for my part, FarCry 5 is my first pre-order on PlayStation 4 – it took only 1 minute of its trailer to fall in love for the fictional open-world environment Hope County, Montana.

History/Evolution of Far Cry (2004-2018)

Did you play it? Have you finished it? Do you wanna play it? Drop a comment and share your thoughts!

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