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Playing R6S and trying to complete some multiplayer trophies, I needed a tool to track some info in order to be able to know how much I need to get the trophies. Headshots, for example, or info about all the classes in the game.

I have found R6 Stats (I am using an iPhone, but I have seen it also on Android – this app has the same logo, although it does not seem to have the same design at all), a small app that gives you detailed information about your casual and ranked games, stats for each type of game, but also a lot of data about each class.

It is available for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC R6S accounts, and you can add and compare stats with any of your friends that are playing the game on these 3 platforms. And it has also a Chart section for all the geeks in the house. 🙂

There is one trick though. The app is free but is serving a lot of advertising. It’s only 1 euro, but I my2c are saying that it is worth buying it. At least for iOS, I didn’t test it on Android. Here is the look and feel of the app, I have made some screenshots with every section.

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