? Ghost Recon Wildlands SkullBlack Avatar (PlayStation 4)

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There is no secret, I am a huge fan of Ghost War DLC from Ghost Recon Wildlands. A couple of weeks ago, we’ve noticed on Sisu, one of the guys from a chat group we have on PSN, a Ghost Recon white skull on a black background avatar. It was enough for other two of us to join him in this journey 🙂

As there was a question today on the chat about the exact location of the item in the PlayStation Store, here it is (thanks goes to Ciprian for this trick). You can find this avatar – SkullBlack Avatar – and also a black one on a white background – following the steps below. It’s like 30c each, or something, and it will be visible on your playstation and, of course, on all the games you play.

  1. Go to the PlayStation’s games lineup and choose Ghost Recon Wildlands
  2. Go down to the PlayStation Store section
  3. Search for the skulls on the right side

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