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Hello there, CIA ghosts! 🙂

How about those new Guerrilla, Trapper or Stalker classes? Have you tried them? Is your W/L ratio improving? Personally I’m not a big fan of the marksmen, so we can all agree that Trapper and Stalker are definitely not for me, but I have seen some potential in the Guerrilla guy. With that smoke drone and the G2 rate of fire you can do serious damage on the battlefield, or turn the odds in your favour in just a couple of seconds by using a smoke screen on the reviving scene.

But this is another story to tell, for another day to come. Soon. 🙂

Today I just want to show you something that you’ll need for sure (and you’ll thank me, sister!). It will help you to learn the maps quicker and stay informed during the rounds, getting real-time information – in some cases before anyone else in the game. During my daily rounds, I have easily noticed that the majority of the players I met doesn’t have any clue about the fact that there is an app for this game too. But even so, they become curious in the moment I tell the location of the starting point on the map before the game starts.

That’s the trigger that makes any at-least-medium player to search and download the app, and I think I have heard a lot of times the question “How can you say that for sure?” to confirm it. And let’s face it. A small satellite map inside a tiny circle on the right side of the HUD is simply annoying for being too small to cover a larger area of the game. Or too big for the little it shows!

It can cover only an intense short-range conflict, but there is a solution to all that. You can use a smartphone (or a tablet) as a satellite view on a second screen. And as a tip for anyone who wants to triple the experience (me included) is to try using something like this to attach your iPad to the monitor and change the game’s HUD preset to Extreme.

It must be ten times intense than usual, bro! 🙂

Originally built for Ghost Recon Wildlands (the campaign), the Satellite View section of the mobile application is offering real-time intelligence while playing also the Ghost War update, allowing anyone with a smartphone, or a tablet, on Android and iOS to access detailed tactical information without opening the main game tactical map by pressing the big button on the controller.

ℹ The application is called Tom Clancy’s GR® Wildlands HQ and if you are reading this article using your smartphone, or your tablet, just tap the link below to get it for free.

⬇ iOS // https://goo.gl/D4sXCr
⬇ Android // https://goo.gl/qiwjiX

Tom Clancy’s GR® Wildlands HQ contains several things that you don’t necessarily need (like CIA files – for all the nerds out there, or a monotone quest-type game – if you really gonna be stuck in traffic for a loooong time), or it doesn’t work (like the community section that I was so excited at the beginning, but turns out to be a thing unable to update itself), but the Ghost Satellite View section will pay 100 times the price of downloading a 600MB app.

The only condition you have in order to operate your mobile device as a satellite map in the game is to connect your smartphone to the same (wireless) network you connected your PlayStation to the Internet, and make use of the PlayStation IP (to be found in Settings -> Network -> View connection status) to sync the data with the game and offer real-time support.

Here are some things that will make you use this app more often than you use Facebook or Instagram. I’m kidding. 🙂 Let’s call them simple hacks you can do in Ghost War.

? you will see the start location of before the match starts

This feature is not available in the game and will give you a few seconds to think the 1st move and communicate it to your squad using a PlayStation Party. If you ask me, this is a killer on maps like Jungle Base, Pilgrim Retreat, Scrapyard, or Warehouse.

? you will be able to mark places on the map with a simple tap on the screen

This option is super-powerful if you think that you can point locations on the map with a simple tap on your mobile during a short break, or even a sprint. For some reason I don’t know, the tap-marking feature is not working in the Campaign mode.

? you will see the exact location of the enemies (support classes) if you spot the very second they take off their drones

This is awesome, taking into consideration that there are 3 seconds delay in the game until Bowman is operating the radio, and you can keep the point hot for that crazy Disruptor with a simple tap as long as the athletic sprinter perk will help him to get there. 😉

? you will be able to center the map on your character, or on your teammates’ characters

This is very useful if you play in teams of two ghosts and you need to know the exact location of your wingman at any time. A vertical and a horizontal line will give you even more visibility on the second screen.

campaign mode only: you will be able to see the entire map

Zoom out in the Campaign mode and you’ll discover entire Bolivia, your teammates – dead or alive, marked enemies, hot zones marked in yellow… you name it! Inside Ghost War update you’ll be able to zoom in and zoom out but only inside the area, you are playing.

I hope this information were helpful to you and your mobile device already sent a friend request to the mobile application. You might consider sharing it on social media also, don’t keep it only for yourself. There are many CIA ghosts out there… 🙂

Game: Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands
Free update: Ghost War
Game Community: Ghost Recon Network
Company: UBISOFT
PlayStation Store: Deluxe Edition

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