Game: God Of War
Launch date: April 20, 2018
Company: Santa Monica Studio / SIE
PlayStation Store: God of War

At the end of this week, SIE, Sony Interactive Entertainment announced worldwide sales of more than 3.1 million copies of the God of War game, within the first three days of its exclusive release on PlayStation 4. The number includes both blu-rays and digital downloads from PlayStation Store, during April 20 to April 22.

Created by Santa Monica Studio, SIE Worldwide Studios (SIE WWS), God of War became the best-selling first-party title for PS4, being one of the most popular games in PS4 history, as many players are considering this launch an extraordinary and daring reinterpretation of the iconic series.

As I told in my previous article about God of War (it’s like a 30-minutes-later-review as a first timer), the game is perfect for Sunday’s mornings, along with a coffee and a cigarette, due to the fact that its graphics and story will can get you for hours.

So, this morning I continued my story in the game and I have done also two things. One is a 7 minutes video gameplay with a tough battle with a monster (the kid put him down in the end), and the second one is a 10 photos gallery that you can use as wallpaper on your laptop or desktop.


🎥 God of War – Gameplay

One thing before I let you with my first person battle skills ;-). Today I have played God of War on a 4K Samsung, almost 70” and curved. It’s the definition of the digital orgasm. 🙂

📸 God of War – Wallpapers

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