Ubisoft is still trying to get us play only with the marksmen classes on Quick Games’ events they are started to organise since the last update :-). And if you felt them kinda soft communicating this on the previous events, this guys made it very clear for the 4th one: marksmen, or assault! No intel. Small maps. Minimum HUD.

Isn’t this beautiful? 😀

As I already explained in the article about the 3rd event, there is something to learn in every kind of event. Just be sure you will want play that type of event for like 3 days in a row! Because it will happen. 😀 Just for the record, I chose assault duel, as I committed to another 5000 rounds with the Pointman class. God help us all, it will be a mess. 😂

I’ve made some screenshots of the voting, also just for the record. It will be interesting in watching this as it develop itself. My feeling is that, somehow, during this events, we can learn how to play without HUD (and this can be awesome in a 4 content creators team 😀).

I do not know if this is Ubisoft intention, it’s just a supposition, but just think on that all the events we’ve played were very poor in intel. If you can live without the minimap, know your teammates and maps well, and are 100% focused, you can make it on Extreme HUD.

Anyway, it was just a thought. Here are the screenshots. 🙂

Good luck. 😎

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