😳 Ghost Recon Rewards Program: What You Will Get In Ghost Recon Breakpoint If You Play Wildlands

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One thing I like on the Ubisoft environment is the cross-over games benefits that you get if you also played other games published by the company. Free or on pay, on PS Store, game store or Ubisoft Club, there are a lot of outfits, items, boosters, and almost anything else you can name it out there. Just remember, for an example, all the costumes that you have on Ghost War from Raibow Six Siege, or Assassin’s Creed. That’s nice for a fan, and good also for the company (I bought Raibow Six Siege like this).

It will be also the case of the upcoming Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon BreakPoint, and Ubisoft already published a Ghost Recon Rewards Program couple of days after the big announcement, giving us, the players, enough time to solve all necessary missions. What’s Ghost Recon Rewards Program? A list of things that you will get for free in Ghost Recon BreakPoint if you play Wildlands, and my favorite reward is that exclusive CQC Knife, also the most wasy one to get: playing 3 PVP rounds.

I made this item my fav one because I am still a huge fan of Sam Fisher’s gloves in Ghost War (that sound it makes is dope!), and I have seen in the BreakPoint videos some impresive melee kills with the knife, something very brutal that I have seen it also on Days Gone’s melee cinematics. Anyway, it’s not something that we can know for sure until we play the actual game, but I hope all those tricks will be available in the PVP also. 🙂

Here are the rewards:

Campaign Rewards

  • a pick-up vehicle for playing Wildlands at least once
  • Sueño’s favorite weapon for taking him down at the end of the campaign

EndGame Rewards

  • an exclusive emblem and title for finishing Ghost Mode
  • an exclusive emblem and title for reaching Tier One

PvP Rewards

  • an exclusive CQC Knife for finishing three rounds of Ghost War
  • an exclusive emblem and title after playing one round of Ghost War as Prestige 1

Special Operations Rewards

Answer Sam Fisher’s call – unlocks Sam Fisher’s iconic weapon
Operation Archangel – gives you an exclusive HK416 R6-tastic weapon skin
Operation Silent Spade – gives you an exclusive Ghost Recon Future Soldier weapon skin
Operation Oracle – unlocks a Laser Aptial HDG attachment
Operation Oracle – a vest for finding the hidden Confidential Blueprint Kingslayer File

What do you think? Do you have them already? Don’t be a stranger and leave your oppinion in the comment section.

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