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Yesterday, Ubisoft published on Youtube an unboxing for the Father Edition of FarCry 5, THE game launched by the company two days ago. Do you have it already or are you waiting for Christmas, when, most probably, we’ll play only the arcade PVP maps? 😛

It contains the Gold edition, plus a lot of cool stuff that I think it worth those extra 20 euros on Deluxe edition, because it includes 3 new major DLCs, new adventures for those who would like to do some real damage in Vietnam, killing dozen of zombies, or going into the space to stop an alien invasion, some arcade games that you can play in PVP mode also, and more extra things like weapons, outfits and consumables!

You’ll find all this details in this short video called Post-Launch & Season Pass.

Above all this, the Father Edition comes with a metal case for the game, a cd with the soundtrack of FarCry 5, a physical map for Hope County (for all those who are not digital native :P) and a collectible Father figurine of Joseph Seed.

This is huge, I’m telling you. It’s Fatherception! 🙂

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