Game: Far Cry 5
Launch date: March 27, 2018
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Company: UBISOFT
PlayStation Store: Far Cry 5

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Confession time! 🙂

FarCry 5 is the first game I pre-ordered on PlayStation (after 5 years, or so) and also the first FarCry for me. It was an easy pick. I am fascinated about open-world’s type of games, and I love to play using the best resolution available (and man, the 4K enhancements on a big-screen TV are truly amazing). Also, I have a very convincing PS friend. 🙂

We hesitated for about 10 seconds on taking the Deluxe edition, but we decided that it worth those extra 20 euros for the Gold edition, because it includes 3 new major DLCs, new adventures for those who would like to do some real damage in Vietnam (Hours of Darkness), killing dozen of zombies (Dead Living Zombies), or going into the space to stop an alien invasion (Lost on Mars), some arcade games that you can play in PVP mode also, and more extra things like weapons, outfits and consumables! Also includes Far Cry® 3 Classic Edition with four-week early access. 🙂

Digital Deluxe Pack includes:
– Big Game Hunter Pack
– Ace Pilot Pack
– Explosive & Chaos Packs
– 2 Weapons skins

See the cookies for yourself:

Well, FarCry is above my requirements for a perfect gaming session, offering an alert first person shooter semi-realistic type of gameplay. Imagine Ghost Recon Wildlands on uppers, without the character in the middle of the screen, on a country-side story. Yeap, it’s crazy and if you are into shooters you’ll love it even more.

I started the game by playing it in co-op mode with a friend who recently joined the Ghost War squad (this friend 😀 ). For all those who are interested in see how it is, or you simply wanna have some fun watching two 30+ y/o guys playing an open world game 😀 , there are already 7 hours of gameplay on Youtube, from the very beginning.

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Let’s now rate the graphics, gameplay and the story.

➡ The LOOKS (rating 8/10)

I was waiting for few of days to write this article because I realised that I was over excited at the beginning and all I could write was “wow”. 🙂 Now, after a couple of days to cool down the wow factor, I would say that, on a scale from 1 to 10, the graphics for FarCry 5 is somewhere at 8. A better rating would go for games like Ghost Recon Wildlands (Ubisoft), or Middle-earth™: Shadow of Mordor™ (Warner Bros. Interactive).

I was impressed by the engine behind the game, and for that you might take a look back at 🎨 On graphics quality with FarCry 5 and the Remastered version of Assassin’s Creed Rogue, but I think my expectations were a little bit higher. Anyway, let’s note that, at the moment, 8 is the biggest rating on regarding the graphics. 🙂

Here are some images I took during my first missions to liberate Hope County, Montana.

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➡ The MUSCLES (rating 10/10)

If you played at least one shooter in your life, Far Cry 5 it will be like a Sunday walk in a park, and you will love it from the very beginning. I have tried also with the controller, but I think playing it with a keypad and a mouse is even better because of the dynamic of the gameplay. W-A-S-D rules. 😉

Here is a 2 minutes video gameplay. Have you noticed the slide you do when you want to crunch during a sprint? Awesome, isn’t it! 😉

➡ The BRAIN (rating 10/10)

You will find tones of articles online on FarCry 5’s story, but I tell you this. If there will be an Oscar for games, FarCry will go home with “The best story”, and “The best start”. And for that, there is a 10/10 rating from my side.

I love the movies between missions and character’s presentations. It places you right in the middle of the action, and if you play this game with a headset in a dark room it will totally disconnect you from the real world.

Also, one of the first things I have noticed and I loved within a sec was the fact that the tutorial of the game is perfectly integrated in Liberate Dutch’s Island, the prologue mission mission of the game (see my 1st FarCry 5 Youtube Live – co-op walkthrough – video). If you are not paying attention, you don’t even realise it.

Here is a 4 minutes video containing a full mission in the game, liberating Green Busch Fertilizer Co.

✅ Final rating: 9.(3)

This being told, my final rating for «Far Cry®5: Fight against a deadly cult» is 9.3. And anything above 9 is a direct recommendation to buy. You will have a lot of fun alone, with one of your best friends in co-op mode, or with a deadly squad in DLCs! 😉

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