Game: Far Cry 5
Launch date: March 27, 2018
Community: Farcry 5 on Ubisoft Club // Far Cry Forum
Company: UBISOFT
PlayStation Store: Far Cry 5

After a period of Ghost War (I also started a new video series called NadaFueUnError – There was no error – and the Ghost Files series is already counting 27 episodes), we came back on FarCry 5 for other awesome co-op sessions on Youtube.

Here are the next four episodes, a photo gallery and some outfits I got in this game. LoL. 🙂

🎥 FarCry 5 Episodes

🕺 FarCry 5 Outfits

You can get the last two outfits by joining the Ubisoft Club (the first one), and owning the Rainbow 6 Siege game for the second one. I got the BadAss outfit finishing some mission, or something like that.

📸 FarCy 5 Photo Gallery

After a couple of days I have started posting photos from the games I play on my Instagram account (you can see a preview on the sidebar of this blog), I realised I can use some of them as wallpaper on my MacBook Air. And if I can do that… you can do that too! 😉

Here are they! Right click, save photo as… (1080p resolution)

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