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Game: Dauntless (website)
Publisher: Epic Games
Developer: Phoenix Labs
PlayStation Store: Dauntless
Game Community: officialy here

Dauntless wants to be the game of the moment. The game initially launched in beta in May 2018 for Microsoft Windows, and last week, on May 21, 2019, for PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, including full support for cross-platform play. It is a free-to-play action role-playing video game developed by Phoenix Labs and published by Epic Games.

Epic Games is also Fortnite’s publisher, maybe this is the reason for the resemblance on both game graphics. And I am being polite. Or maybe is the same engine. 🙂 One thing we know for sure, the growth was stopped by the numerous All Dauntless servers are currently full messages players got since the launch. Like this one. Look at the number of players waiting!

Dauntless takes place in a fantasy setting after a cataclysmic event has torn the world apart, releasing monstrous creatures known as Behemoths. Players take on the role of Slayers to take down Behemoths, collecting loot that they use to craft and upgrade weapons and equipment as to take down larger and more powerful Behemoths.

The game can be played both as a single-player or co-op with up to four people. Don’t forget that being a cross-platform game, you can play Dauntless with any of your friends on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or PC. Just follow also the cross-platform games tag on this blog, I will try to update it as often as I can.

More on this matter, Dauntless is the first title that included the cross-platform play and progression tracking across the three major platforms since its launch. Within days of launch, the 3-million player base grew by another 500,000 players, this being the source that is stressing the game’s servers during this period. (source)

Dauntless (2019) | PlayStation 4 – Look and feel

The following video contains my first hour in the game, edited for a 30 minutes video: the environment I discovered, the characters I talked to, the battles I did, and the items I collected. You will notice that the beginning of the game is also a kind of a fast-forward manual for the players to understand what is going on and to be able to progress.

Basically, is a game where you can slay a lot of monsters any time you need to take off the stress, for example. 🙂 Just co-op with some friends, or play with random gamers around the world, and get out there! The necessary keys to remember are Triangle and Square, and before going in, here are the first two levels of Behemoths, Neutral and Blaze, you will kill in the beginning in the game.

These fights are available also in the previous video.

Lesser Gnasher Slain

Lesser Embermane Slain

Here are some screenshots from the Dauntless game options, showing the Map, the Quest Log, the Hunt Pass, the Mastery, the Loadout, the Personality, and Movie list sections. In terms of items that you can have/buy, the game is following the same path as Fortnite. Seasons – and you must bust your ass off and play at a daily bases to keep the rhythm -, and exclusive items for those who will pay for them.

What do you think about Dauntless? Did you play it? Don’t be a stranger, join the comment section and let’s make this blog a better one! 🙂

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