๐ŸŽฎ “Apex Legends” beginner’s guide: all passive, tactical and ultimate abilities in one place

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The game is still spreading fast. Is spreading so fast that you can easily notice it by counting the time you spend waiting to reconnect to EA servers to play the game. And if you play with a team, things get worse. We even close and open the application a couple of times to make it work and be able to get in the same squad, but also reinstall it once!

But also, because they said so. ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, if you can deal with this waiting time (I think they are most probably solving it as we speak), here is what is expecting you on the other side. Ladies and gents, old kids from around the world, these are the legends from Apex Legends, with all the passive, tactical, and ultimate abilities they have!

And the question is: what legend will you pick?

Bloodhound – to track the enemies down and offer the team the exact location?
Gibraltar – to protect your teammates by creating shields and calling for artillery strike?
Lifeline – to care on your teammates with healing drone and defensive supplies?
Pathfinder – to help your teammates moving faster and on the right direction on the map?
Wraith – to be able to hear the enemies, surrounding them faster, or creating portals?
Bangalore – to move faster, and be able to attack enemies even with artillery strikes?

Once again, what legend will you pick? Please share your choice in the comments! My personal choice is Gibraltar, but I think I will play also with Bangalore. ๐Ÿ™‚

PS. The last two legends, Caustic and Mirage, are not available at the beginning of the game. You need either fight for them in the battle royale (to gain points), either buy them with real money. I still got them blocked.









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